Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some memories in my Life at Dutest Qatar WLL

I have been worked at Dutest Qatar WLL since 2007 as a office coordinator. I have been touch with each and every employees here during my tenure some of them I have lot of memories which never can be forgettable. I always miss and solute for their supports which really been gained something in my life. 
Mr. Joy Anthony & me

Mr. Joy one of my best from India, he is  sales supervisor in the organization and very calm heart, lovely, much helpful person. He always cited help me during my tenure. I will always miss you joy, thanks for your great support.
Mr. Silva and Mr. Ajeet Mahato

The above 2 guys both are mechanical Engineers from Nepal (Ajeet) and Srilanka (silva) are very helpful, honest and laborious. They help me as much as and I always enjoyed with them. I always solute to yours supports and love which I have been gained during my tenure.
Mr. Nair and Me

Nair sab, he is very helpful, delighted on his behave, always calm guys working in financial department and always touch with me. Personally he help me in various sector. I always miss him in my step of life.
with Mr. Shreedharan (Master ji )

His name is Shreedharan from India Kerala but we called him Master ji. Master ji is the most popular in Dutest. He is workshop foreman and all workshop staff are under him. He is very strong on his decision that is what I like most. He is very helpful and cooperative. Since I joined with this organization he always help me I have lot of unforgettable memories with him. I always miss you master ji and thanks for your each and every supports for me here in Qatar.

Training session in TISSCO Hall 

Meeting with Co-workers 

Mr. Rauf Sultan (he is most friendly with me) 

From the left Mr. Aneesh + Mr. Firhad + Mr. Jasim & Mr. Johnson 

My best and funny dear Mr. Ramhari from Chitwan and my mesh partner 

कतार मा मलाइ सबैभन्दा माया गर्ने दाजु हामि फुपा भन्छौ  

Life is like a journey in which we have to learn many more. Across this adventure  I came to learnt many more  theory of life which is really benefit in further steps. Thanks all who made me mature in this scenario of  

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